Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter catch-up: part 2

Easter Sunday was a little different this year than our "usual" Easters.  Dathan was in the Easter musical at the church at they had 2 performances that morning, so he had to be at the church super early.  It was just me & the boys when they got their Easter baskets... we still had fun :)

We didn't really do the Easter bunny.  Not because we are against anything like that, but just because neither Sean nor Nolan asked or said anything about the Easter bunny, so we didn't either! Ha!  I guess our own little don't ask don't tell policy?  Oh, and because the boys were with me when I bought the DVDs for their baskets ;)

We went simple with the baskets this year.  I did not want to spend money on something they wouldn't use, and I didn't want any candy because I knew they would get plenty from my parents as well as all the egg hunts they did at church & school.  And how about the adorable robot baskets from Target for $2 a piece?!  That's what I'm talking about (said like Gru from Despicable Me).  So they each got a DVD- Megamind & Tangled (yes, I bought my boys Tangled... they like it!).  They were told the movies are everyone's, not just whose basket they were in.  Oh, and I got the DVDs for super cheap at Target!  Then they each got new crayons, Sean got a super hero coloring book, and Nolan got a drawing pad (Nolan is so funny- he doesn't like to color, he wants to draw... so he turns coloring pages over to the back where it's blank & colors that).  That was it!  And they were thrilled!
2blog 01
Nolan was more excited about the sign than his basket... too sweet!
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Then I got the boys dressed for church.  This is the Stephens family version of Easter Sunday dress clothes- the boys wear button-down tops with their jeans & flip flops ;)  I love the middle picture of Nolan looking up at Sean... hard to believe there will be a THIRD boy in the mix next Easter!
2blog 04
Absolute fave. Framing ASAP. Love.
2blog 05

We went to the 2nd service to see the Easter musical again (we saw it on Friday too).  Than after service Dathan & I had to clean (we clean a few rooms at the church on Sundays in exchange for Sean's tuition to school- it's a really sweet deal ;))  We just let the boys play out in the playground while we cleaned, then when we were done (it only takes us about 40 mins) the 4 of us headed to get a bite to eat and then home for the boys nap time.  After nap time we headed to my parents house for an egg hunt and Easter dinner.  It was really windy but the boys still wanted to do a hunt outside, so we did.  I think we hid too many eggs because they were both totally over it before they found them all.  Whoops!
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Our dinner was SO yummy- tri-tip on the rotisserie, deviled eggs (of course!), steamed green beans, and broiled potatoes.  My dad was ready with his plate of food....
2blog 12
Sean wanted to take some pictures with me.  He is all about making funny faces all the time, so that is what we did!  I love these :)
2blog 09
We always take a family picture every year on Easter.  You can see our picture from 2009 here and 2010 here (I wasn't blogging before then).  This year, we have many to choose from!  Stemming from Sean's obsession with making funny faces and adding the difficulty of getting the boys to smile at the same time, we now do different types of faces for every picture and then throw in a "HAPPY FACE!" picture every few times.  You can see here we did cheesy, sleepy, sad, angry, happy, & scared. Fun!
2blog 10
And my favorite of the day- Surprised faces!  I think this deserves a frame, too ;)
2blog 11

Oh, and please say a little prayer for us Tuesday as we fly for the first time with all 4 of us (I haven't flown since I was pregnant with Nolan!).  We are heading to Alabama for a MONTH!  Oh, and if you are in Alabama & want to get your pictures done while we are there, please email me at ericastephensphoto @ yahoo . com (remove spaces)

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Nancy said...

Erica ~ thanks for the offer! I'm trading out with a photographer client of mine, pic's for massage! I hope you 4 (and baby growing!) have the best time in AL & can't wait to see your posts while you are here!