Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter catch-up #1

A couple things first- we are so thankful that all of our friends & family in Alabama are safe & unharmed from the heartbreaking weather they had there the other day.  We leave Tuesday to fly out to Alabama, a trip we have had planned for awhile now.  We are hoping to help in some way while we are there.

Secondly, I think that blogging is more of a southern/midwestern thing... saying, I have no friends here who blog, nobody who comments on my blog, etc so I guess that is why I have been having a hard time keeping up with my blog lately.  No motivation.  That's ok though, I am forcing myself to get out of this rut because I want to remember our life, and this is like a digital scrapbook for me.  So I am trying so hard to get back in the saddle of blogging again!

Thirdly, my photo blog is not working, and it's making me frustrated! I am going to a friend of mine on Monday and hopefully he will help me fix it! 

Ok, back to Easter...
Almost a week before Easter (the Monday before) we colored our Easter eggs.  Sadly, the week was so jam-packed full that it was the only free night we had as a family to do it.  It was SO much fun!  Sean was old enough to take his time & patient enough to let his eggs sit in the dye for a long time so that the color would be brighter.  Nolan was old enough to have fun, but still too young to sit patiently (most of his eggs had 5 different colors on them & were cracked from him throwing them in every single glass of dye).  Both boys had a blast, and so did we, so really that's all that matters.
1blog 01
We found those bunny ear dippers at Michael's for super cheap.  I'm so glad I got them!  They were so much easier for the boys to use to get the eggs out of the glasses than the small metal thing that comes in the package of dye!
1blog 02
We realized that this is the first Easter my parents have ever spent with either of the boys, we were always in Alabama for Easter & they have a big fund-raiser for Royal Family Kids the day before Easter every year so they can't travel.  The last Easter Dathan & I spent with my parents was 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Sean!  So of course they came over and took part of the egg coloring festivities :)
1blog 03
Yes, my husband is wearing my son's bike helmet while eating ice cream.
Attempting family pictures....
1blog 04
Some of the finished products!  Notice how many of them are cracked... hilarious!
1blog 05

We really had a good time!  We were happy that we have never painted our table (we bought it at an unfinished furniture store) because the top is like a huge piece of art & so the egg dye just added to it! Ha!  Maybe one day we'll paint it black (the original intentions 4 years ago!).

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