Friday, April 9, 2010

easter fun

we started out our easter week with, of course, seeing the easter bunny. i was not sure how the boys would do. last year sean would only see the easter bunny if dathan & i went w/ him. and nolan... well... who knows at this age?? i was very pleased when both of them did SO well... they even both smiled, which is nearly impossible! i love how nolan is holding onto the tie!

the night before easter we finally got around to dyeing eggs. what? don't you dye eggs in your underwear too??

nolan wanted so badly to play with the eggs... but we would give one to him and he would say "ball!" and throw it down and it would break. too funny!

some of our finished products

easter sunday we went to church and most of dathan's family came with us. it was an absolutely beautiful day outside! so instead of doing a traditional easter meal w/ ham and all the side dishes, we opted for a picnic in the park! best decision ever!

here are dathan's parents, randall & kathy (aka papa & mimi) with all 4 of their grandkids (all under the age of 4 too!). nolan (13 months), sean (3.5 years), kaelyn (19 months) and maddison (3 months). does that make you tired too?

i am SO pleased with our family picture for the day!

the boys looking through their baskets together

mmmmmmmmmmmm cheese puffs!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm water!

this picture just cracks me up! nolan kept crawling under the picnic tables then would peek out through the tablecloth.

we did our egg hunt at the park as well. first we just kinda put some eggs in the grass for nolan and kaelyn to find. it took awhile for nolan to get the hang of it. he kept calling the eggs a "ball" when he would find one.

then i hid several eggs in the play area (there was nobody else there!) for sean. he had so much fun! can you see the egg in this picture? :)

we had such a wonderful day! the only thing that would have made it more perfect is if my family could have been with us too. we are so blessed!