Sunday, April 11, 2010

a little home made fun

what do you do when it's beautiful outside and you want to spend as much time out there as possible? when you have already walked almost a mile with the kids and ran around the yard? when the sun is still out and daddy is home and dinner isn't ready yet and there's energy to be used?

well, you use the car that nolan got for his birthday and push the kids down the deck ramp, of course!

ok i have to admit that i wasn't sure about it at first. i believe my response to dathan's idea was "what if the car hits a bump and flips over?"

which his response was "it won't erica, the ground is flat!" but i made him jog after the car the first time down just in case ;)

nolan was so funny. he had that serious expression the whole way down and then would laugh when he got to the bottom and sign "more" to us.

sean, on the other hand, had the look of pure joy. every. single. time. it made our hearts happy.

he would shriek "woohoo!" and "awesome!" and "hold on to your biscuits!" (he gets that phrase from his daddy)

i think we may possibly have won the coolest parents award that day. we had to take turns pushing the car down so the other could watch sean's face. it was priceless.

those are happy happy eyes :)

c'mon, i know you saw it coming!

that would be the look of pure joy on dathan's face too!

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