Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 on tuesday

1.) i went to my good friend leann's baby shower on saturday and did not take a single picture. the beautiful & wonderful whitney was so awesome and watched my boys for me and she, on the other hand, took lots of pictures. she is an amazing babysitter & they had SUCH a good time! she even blogged about it here (and has such funny pictures i literally laughed out loud).

2.) i had a girl's day on sunday with erin & kara and, sadly, didn't take pictures again (except for one on my phone of us trying on ridiculous dresses but i can't figure out how to get it to the computer). dathan kept the boys all day while i drove to huntsville & us girls had lunch and went shopping.... all day. it was amazing. by the time i got home it was 13 hours after i had left (of course it was an 1.5hr drive one way!)

3.) one of my purchases on sunday was a package of rock & roll underwear for sean. the boys had fun playing with it yesterday

4.) there is a huge mud puddle/pond whatever at the end of the driveway. right now there are thousands of tadpoles in the water. dathan caught 4 of them for the boys and we have been watching them every day waiting for them to change. right after i took this picture i realized there wasn't a lot of water in the container so i saw a bucket full of water on the deck and poured a little of it in the container. well... apparently the bucket had water w/ epsom salt in it and now all the tadpoles are dead. ooops. :/ good thing there are thousands more that we can go get!

5.) my father in law has 2 horses (a boy & a girl). he also has a broken lawn mower. so when the grass in the yard gets too long he lets one of the horses into the yard to "mow" it. well this last week "lil bit" (the female) was in the yard. dathan and i noticed that she looked rather large & possibly pregnant but nobody said anything to me so i didn't think anything of it. well, one day i was in the living room w/ the boys and look out the front window to see this:
yep, lil bit was definitely pregnant and definitely had a baby in the yard w/out me knowing! we have loved watching the baby grow every day!

6.) ha. ha. ha.

7.) sean loves to suck in his belly. it is so strange looking because it makes him look so small!

8.) can you tell this poor little guy hasn't been feeling well lately? he had a fever on & off from thursday-sunday as well as some vomiting, lots of coughing, and lots of snot. ahh the joys of parenthood. bless him he had a rough time but he seems to be feeling better!

9.) i stuck nolan in his papa's boots and it was hilarious the way his little chubby thighs stuck out of the top of them! he's too cute for words!

10.) someone figured out the fun of smushing your face against a window.....


Jenna said...

That is such a great little update! The horse situation is so awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a baby horse, how fun! Do you have your B'ham dates for sure yet? Is Dathan and the boys going with you? Maybe we could do a family swap session if we're in town. I'm going to Cali in May.