Thursday, April 15, 2010


so the other day after work dathan came home and said that we were going on an adventure and that i would want to bring my camera. he took us to a place he passed every day going to work. it was waaay out in the country but we had SO much fun!

apparently it was a historical site, as you can see here

there was the woods, creek, and a small cave, and this was the only part that was man-made. it's hard to tell in this picture but it was really cool looking. lots of stone stairs and water coming out of the bottom. i cannot wait to do someone's engagement shoot there! it was so romantic!

dathan took sean on a hike up the hill. they had so much fun! i told dathan that next time he takes us on an adventure that requires hiking that maybe he should make sure we are not wearing flip flops, which sean, nolan, & myself all were ;)

nolan was perfectly content sitting in the cave or throwing rocks in the water. he actually has really good aim and a strong arm. maybe we have a football or baseball player on our hands? who knows, but he will be good at whatever he chooses to do (wow i sound like such a mom, don't i? ;))

these are probably my 2 favorite pictures of the day. it was gorgeous there!

sean loved the adventure, of course. he was so funny, while he was walking across the piece of wood (photo on right) he was like "look i can do this by myself!" then he stopped where he is in the picture and said "uhhhh i need help!" and wouldn't take another step until dathan was by him. silly boy.

the moss, leaves, and plants were so green and it was just beautiful there. i definitely want to go back, but next time we will be armed with tennis shoes and bug spray ;)

in an attempt to make our lifestyle as a family healthier, dathan and i have decided to do a lot more activities outside and try to keep all of us moving but make it fun. i do believe this falls into that category!


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! What a fun adventure!

Jenna said...

Okay we SO have to come visit so you can take us to this gorgeous place! :)