Saturday, April 17, 2010

silly sean sean

my sweet, silly, sly little sean. he makes us so happy and keeps us on our toes! what joy he brings to our lives! i am so blessed to be his mommy... what a precious gift God has given me.

he says the funniest things! i love this stage in life. i almost get sad when he starts saying words correctly... like it was so cute when he called transformers "transmoyers."

his favorite cereal is "honey monster of boats" (aka honey bunches of oats). he wants a backyardigan worship dvd for his birthday (if you know where i can find one, please let me know! haha!). actually, he wants every cool toy he sees on tv "at his birthday party."

the other day he told me that i needed another baby in my tummy because his "baby bwover nolan was getting too big." oh geez.

he loves to sing "i like to move it move it" (from madagascar). he used to sing "it's like a woo it woo it." another thing i'm sad he doesn't say anymore ;) he also enjoys singing "frosty the snowbird" and "twinkle twinkle little star, EIEIO." oh and i cannot forget the time he sang "who let the dogs out?" but instead said "who let the poopoo out?" such a boy.

my sean, what big feet you have! (sorry, i couldn't resist)

with all his sillyness, he has so much depth to him (which i believe all children have more of then we give them credit for). one day we were outside playing and he asked me "mommy, why do you go after God?" i answered "because i love Him." he said "well, i go after Jesus, because He is my favorite thing." such wisdom & heart from my toddler, and it makes my cup overflow!

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