Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the evolution of getting a picture of the brothers

Lots of leaves in the grass.  Perfect opportunity to get a brothers picture.  I mean, we got such a cute one last year when our tree exploded:
11-04 brothers 3

And this adorable one of Sean the year before:
11-19 leaves 5

So we put the brothers in their matching jackets and let them go for it.  They had a blast... until I wanted them to get in a photo together.  And then this happened:
112510_blog 01
112510_blog 02
112510_blog 03
112510_blog 04
112510_blog 05
112510_blog 06
112510_blog 07

Oh well.  At least I tried.


Nancy said...

So cute!!

Peyton's Pages said...

Those a great! Looks like Sean was all about it!