Friday, November 20, 2009

our tree exploded

it happens every fall.
we have a HUGE tree in front of our house. don't ask me what kind, because i couldn't tell you. my answer is "a big tree."
every fall we have what i have started refer to as "tree explosion day." one day, the leaves are on the tree. the next day, they are not. and we're not talking just a few leaves on the ground. i'm talking about can't see the grass, sidewalk, driveway, or windshield.
it is SO much fun! reminds me of why i love living here.

(yes, i know in the above pics there are still some leaves on the tree)
i let the boys come outside and go to town in the leaves. sean, of course, wanted to throw them at nolan. nolan, of course, wanted to eat them.
nolan's face and perfectly straight posture crack me up here.

yum. leaves.

so i attempted to take a picture of both boys together in the leaves. yeah, didn't work too well, but i still think it's cute :)

sean said "mommy, i want to play football like the big boys! i'm gonna play football when i get bigger!" he is just too much fun (and so cute)!

this week's theme on i heart faces is autumn beauty, and there sure is a lot of it at my house! ;) if you want to see my entry, visit my photography blog. i also just posted some pics from a recent wedding i did!


Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I love these pictures of your boys! I bet they love the tire swing--I know my kids love theirs!

Lindsey Rowland said...

awww they look like they are having a blast. I need to get out side and rake mine but everytime I do my little boy jumps right in the middle of them. You have the right idea just photograph them. lol