Tuesday, November 24, 2009

please pray

i try to keep my blog uplifting and fun, but today my heart is hurting for little noah and i want to ask all who read my blog to say a prayer for him.

noah is the nephew of some friends of ours. i've never met his parents but my husband is old friends with them.

within the last week they have found a mass the size of an adult's fist in noah's brain. today is the day he's going in to surgery to have a biopsy done and i'm putting out a call for all of us brothers & sisters to unite and lift this sweet boy up in prayer!

God is still a healing God.

if you didn't catch the link at the beginning of this post, you can go here to read his whole story and stay updated, as well as see pictures. thank you!

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Jenna said...

They have my prayers today.