Tuesday, November 17, 2009

party time

we enjoy going to other children's birthday parties. it's so much fun to celebrate life, and that another child has lived another year. i love wrapping presents, i love buying presents, i love giving presents. plus, the kiddos seem to have a good time!

this birthday party was full of a lot of "firsts" for our family. it was held at a local place called forest jumps which is all indoors and full of inflatables. you can come during the weekdays for open play, pay a flate fee, & the kids have free reign of the building for as long as you're there. then they also rent it out for parties. too much fun!

every time we have ever gone to anything that had an inflatable such as a bounce house or a large slide, sean never wanted to go on them. this night we finally convinced him that it would be fun to go down the slide with daddy, and he did!

he had such a blast that he went several different ways, and smiled big the whole time! yay for his first time on an inflatable!

another 'first' was that nolan spent his first extended period of time in the snugli. he wanted nothing to do with baby carries when he was little, but i decided to try again and he loved it! in fact, he cried when i took him out to feed him.

and all the kids at the party! how cute is this "birthday royalty" chair??

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