Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am thankful

I am so blessed & have SO much to be thankful for.

A husband who loves with his whole heart (whether that be God, me, our boys, etc).  Who works hard, is giving, kind, funny, selfless, & wise.  Not to mention quite good looking.

For that fact that I am a mom, and have been blessed with these two little guys, who light up my life.

For Sean.  He is so funny, happy, energetic, caring, thoughtful, smart, & so much more.  He blows me away every day by being who he is.

For Nolan.  He is so adorable, sweet, smart, lovable, tenacious, silly, & so much more!  He is growing & learning so much every day, I cannot believe he's almost 2.

For my parents who love & give, who are examples of what true love & a healthy marriage look like.  For my in-laws who are just as loving & also have an amazing marriage.  For my siblings & sibling-in-laws.  For my 2 nieces.  For friends who love God, are fun & caring.  Who are selfless & have hearts for ministry just like we do.  For pastors at our church who give & love & know how to lead.  

For my photo business that is growing so much.  For being able to be paid to do something I LOVE.  That Dathan has work & also gets do get paid to do something he loves.

For strawberries and ice cream and the Biggest Loser and old navy and warm showers and an indoor laundry room and a car that runs and a husband who knows how to fix it if it doesn't and kohls and long walks with friends and play dates and game nights and sparkling fruit juice and sweat pants and Toy Story and bedtime and wireless internet and so much more.

But most importantly I'm thankful for my Savior, who gave His life for me so I can have all these blessings.  He loves me and makes sure that I always have what I need.  

I am thankful.

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Nancy said...

Beautiful post. We are so blessed. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!