Saturday, November 20, 2010

fall family fun fest- finally!

Part of the festivities while Dathan was gone was our church's annual Fall Family Fun Festival.  It has been going on at our church for several years & is a big outreach to the community on halloween.  This year it was on Friday night since halloween was on Sunday.  It's free to the community and they have bounce houses, carnival games, hay to play in, a classic car show, cake walk, etc.  Good old fashioned fun ;)  Hundreds of people come to this & it's such a great witnessing tool!

Two years ago when we were visiting I brought Sean & he had a blast.  He also doesn't remember, but he went to it the year he was born when he was only 2.5 months old ;)  The year Dathan & I got married we made up a game booth and did that together.  So this festival holds some pretty special memories for our family.  We only wished that Dathan was there with us to have fun, Sean even said "Mom, Daddy is missing all the fun!"

Sean insisted on being a Ninja Turtle, and I found this piece of pizza costume from Old Navy for Nolan.  I thought it was funny because the Ninja Turtles ate pizza all the time ;)  I promise my kids were excited, Sean just looks mad because he was- he didn't want to wear pants under his costume and his mean mommy knew it was going to be cold so I made him ;)
102910_blog 07

102910_blog 05
The pizza was so fitting for Nolan, since he loves food ;)  He kept pointing at himself and saying "num nums!  pee-puh (pizza)!"

Nolan with my brother Timmy, aka "Uncle B" and Sean with my mom aka "Memaw"
102910_blog 06

Sean with Kellen aka DJ Lance... does he not look JUST like him?  Kellen is the Jr. High pastor as well as my pretend "little big brother."  He is well over 6.5 feet tall!  For years we have been telling him that DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba was his twin, and he finally dressed like him! He was the hit of the night, kids he didn't even know were asking to take pictures with him.  Also, Nolan is with my dad, aka Papa.
102910_blog 04

Sean having fun with his friends
102910_blog 03

Cutest brothers!
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After it was over & Kellen got out of his costume he started playing with the boys in the drinking fountain.  For some reason Sean & Nolan thought it was THE funniest thing ever, I don't think I've ever seen them laugh so hard.  Years ago (when Kellen was still in high school) he started calling my parents "mom & dad" so then I said "well that makes me your sister" so now he is "Uncle Kellen" to the boys & they love him.  I printed this picture out & Kellen has it up by his desk.  I just love the look of pure joy on the boys faces.
102910_blog 01

It was a fun night with beautiful weather.  We really did miss Dathan too, but I suppose there's always next year ;)

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Love the pizza costume! What a great combination for costume too!