Thursday, November 18, 2010

pajama party!!!

My friend Veronica's little boy Ethan had been begging for weeks to have a pajama party.  So Veronica, being the awesome mom she is, told him yes :)  She let him invite just a few friends, so there ended up being 5 of us momma's there together with our kids.  It was a blast!

All the kids had on their pj's (of course!) but you better believe us mom's had on our comfy clothes too!  I think that was our favorite part- not having to get ready that morning ;)

On the menu for lunch was: pancakes & syrup, turkey bacon, cantaloupe, donut holes, & juice.  The kids thought that was SO cool! :)
102810_blog 04
Yes, I am well aware that Sean's pj's are entirely too small.  Sad fact: They were brand new.  Fit him perfectly until we washed them, then they shrank that much.  Oh well ;)  I don't think he minded too much

All the boys have so much fun together.  Nothing like a bunch of hyper little boys running around playing cars and super heroes.  I love it.  And pretty miss Isabella?  the only girl (besides the 2 newborn baby girls who slept the whole time).
102810_blog 03

Here are the "little kids" (there were also the 2 newborn baby girls and 1 newborn baby boy but we forgot to get a picture of the babies!).  Isabella, Anthony, & Nolan (all around 2 years old).
102810_blog 02

And the big boys:  Luke, Sean, Caden, Ethan, & Hunter
102810_blog 01

Yes, between 5 moms there were 11 kids ages 5 & under!  And it was a blast.  We decided we will have to do this again more often :)