Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 on tuesday

1.) Dathan got home last Thursday after being gone for almost 6 weeks!  It was a long time.  Hard on me & hard on the boys.  I honestly don't know how single moms do it, and I respect them SO much. Single parenting is not easy.  It made me think of how that's not the way God intended it to be.  That I could be the best mommy there is but I could never fill my boys' "daddy place" in their lives.  Only their daddy can do that.

2.) While Dathan was gone I got to deal with puke.  Like 5 or 6 different times total between both boys (I lost track).  Yeah that was fun.  That and fit throwing, which is new to the Stephens family.  Sean seemed to have an extra hard time with Dathan being gone, and the last few days threw the worst fits I have ever seen.  One at our friends house (sorry Ryan & Sarah!).  I don't know if there is anything that makes a mom (or any parent) more exhausted (emotionally and physically) than fighting with your child.  There were many tears, from me & Sean.

3.) Those first two points were depressing.  On to happier things.  I got my hair done. And. I. LOVE. It.  LOVE the bangs.  Why did I wait so long to do it?  I was so nervous to get the bangs.  My friend Breanne did my hair and our friend Becca was over too and it took the 3 of us discussing pro's and con's of bangs, as well as both Bre & Becca encouraging me TO do it for me to finally say yes.  And I'm so glad I did :)  If you live near me and need a new hairdresser, Bre is one of the best!
102910_blog 08

4.) I did this photo shoot.  Twins just turning 40 in front of the home they grew up in.  So fun & nostalgic!

5.) And I did this shoot.  A beautiful mom with two adorable sons!

6.) And this family, the mom, dad, 2 daughters, & son-in-law.  Funny story (if you follow my photo blog you already know this): the son-in-law shows up & he is a friend of mine from high school that I graduated with.  What a small world! (I have also done 3 more photo shoots but don't have any of the ready yet to show!)

7.) My dad flew to Alabama to drive back to California with Dathan (yeah, my dad is pretty awesome!).  He sent me this text of the "Jethro-mobile."  It may be a little redneck, but it got almost all of our stuff out here! ;)

8.) Sean & I thought it would be fun to take pictures of ourselves with the webcam and post them on FB.  This was my favorite.  Sean is so awesome, he just cracks me up.

9.) Look at this picture of the boys from Easter of last year!  They have changed just a little since then ;)  This picture still makes me laugh! (I don't know why blogger posted these last 3 photos so small)

10.) One of the many things I look forward to every week is Tuesday night.  And not just because Biggest Loser is on ;)  Tuesday nights have become (almost accidentally) my "date nights" with the intern girls.  The student ministries at our church has an internship called Taskforce.  It is wonderful.  They do Southwestern University (it's an Assemblies of God college) courses as well as hands on ministry training and after 4 years leave with their degree & experience.   God has really given me a heart for these girls in this internship, and so every Tuesday night I have been taking a different intern girl out.  We don't go out until after 9:00 (they have their college Bible study on Tuesdays and I wait until I put the kids to bed before I leave.  My parents were here with them while Dathan was gone) but since I'm a night owl that is fine :)  I really enjoy getting to know them and being able to not only pour into their lives but hopefully encourage & refresh them as well.  I am so so so thankful for this new season of life that God has us in!


A Family of Love said...

Love the last year Easter photo!

You look great with bangs!

Peyton's Pages said...

Hooray for Dathan being home!

I like the bangs! My hair grows weird so I wouldn't be able pull them off.

That's great that you have been so busy with photo shoots. I love the colors in the one of the mom and her two boys. I'm still having a hard time getting clients, but I've had a few photo shoots this season.

For some reason Peyton loves the pictures of Dathan and the truck. ha. I have no idea why, but she keeps asking to see the picture of the truck.

That pictures of the boys is so funny! What did you do to them?! :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful hair!! You make me want bangs!
Glad life is settling in for you 4 there!
I wonder why the blog world wouldn't let you see ours? :) Thanks to you we have pictures on it. :)