Tuesday, January 19, 2010

erin :)

the week after Christmas (yes, i know, i'm waaay behind!) my best friend erin came to visit for a few days (she lives in cali). it was so exciting for me to have her come for a 2nd time in one year! it really is a small world, because her other best friend, kara, lives an hour away from me. she & kara met while they were both missionaries in ireland (they were roommates)! so, she has many excuses to come to alabama ;)

she brought Christmas presents for the boys like a great auntie would :) she gave sean a lightning mcqueen coloring book and he said "this is the bestest coloring book i never seen!" it was adorable!!!

we made brownies (and mixed marshmallows in!) and sean helped. actually i should say that kara & i made brownies and erin & sean helped! ha! we tease erin that she never cooks/bakes so we had to get proof in pictures that she did lol

she gave dathan the game farkle for his Christmas present and we had a lot of fun playing it! thanks to her, i am now obsessed with it and want to play it all the time. even sean joined in the fun!

we went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, osaka. we were planning on having a girls only lunch, i even had a sitter for the boys. well, dathan got of work early and met us there (which is fine) and we show up and 5 guys that go to my church just happened to be there too! not only that, but the hostess didn't know we all knew each other and sat us at their table. so, our girls lunch turned into a 6 boys w/ erin, kara, & erica lunch. that was fine though, it was entertaining for sure!

isn't erin pretty? she's a great auntie for my boys, and they love her!

here are the 3 of us. kara and i didn't know each other until erin introduced us, but we are now friends! the 3 of us had a blast together.

erin and i have about a gazillion and a half inside jokes. the first picture if of one of them, we always "cry" whenever we have to say goodbye and take a pouty picture, then stop about 5 seconds later. i guess you have to be there to think it's funny. actually, you probably still wouldn't think it was funny. i guess you have to be me or erin to be amused by it. the middle pic is also an inside joke, we are saying "i a pirate!" here. that's really funny too, trust me! LOL and then we took a normal picture :)

erin's love language is definitely not "physical touch!" so i love these pictures! the first one kara is getting all up in erin's personal space. the second one her & dathan are "hugging" without getting in each others personal space.

i, personally, think erin should move to alabama ;) i mean, both of her best friends are here!
but i'll just leave that one up to God.
yay for friends! everyone else come visit me too!!!!

and i just have to throw this out there, because i can... erin & kara are both single. so if you know of any awesome Christian, on fire, anointed, handsome, hard working, caring, giving, single gentlemen in between the ages of 25-35, please email me! hahahahahaaha (they are gonna kill me)


Erin said...

what do you mean you think i should move to alabama???? I AM!!!!! :-) Well i love the post!! you are awesome!

omg i can't believe you put that about us being single! you're a dork!!! :-) love ya!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha! I think those are great pictures with lots of memories being made... new & old. I know all those inside jokes ;-)
Just to add, good job on soliciting for both girls on being single... Ha ha!

Love you
Momma Teri
Hope to get to see you next week when I'm there.

Oh and I love you snow pictures. You are such a great photographer!