Sunday, January 17, 2010

the proposal

**i wrote this post back in january but today (june 18th) i'm linking it up w/ kelly's korner for show us your life!**

six years ago today dathan proposed to me. it has been, is, and will always be one of my most favorite memories (not to mention one of the best decisions we've ever made!). people always ask me how he proposed, and since he did such an amazing job i thought i would share it on here for everyone ;)

we were here in alabama and i was going to be leaving in a couple days to go back to california. we were not going to see each other for about 3 months, not to mention he was going to miss my birthday and valentine's day. so, to make up for it he planned a special day for the two of us.

he told me at the beginning of the date that he had 5 small gifts for me and that he was going to give them to me at different times during the date (please note that we had just left ministry school and he had no money, so a proposal & ring that day were not expected by me in any way!).

we went downtown where we had a cute little lunch at a bistro and he gave me a few of the gifts (just random little things like a picture frame, stuffed monkey, etc). after we were done eating he wanted to take me to his favorite spot he would go to when he wanted to think, pray, & write. well, we stepped out of the bistro & it was raining, and his "spot" was outside. i told him ya only live once and that we should just go ahead and go on an adventure.

we hike through the woods in the rain and get to a clearing that was absolutely beautiful. there was a bend in the stream, trees, and river rocks everywhere. we stopped and he started singing 'our song,' which is "i can't help falling in love with you" while we danced in the rain. he then pulled a garbage bag out of the backpack he was carrying, laid it on the ground, & asked me to sit on it, remove my shoes & socks, and roll up my pant legs. he proceeded to do the same.

he then got in the creek and started to wash my feet. as he washed my feet he explained to me that Jesus washed the disciple's feet as a sign that he loved them and wanted to serve them, so he was washing my feet to show me that he loved me & wanted to serve me. as he pulled a towel out of his backpack to dry my feet off he said "oh wait, one more thing..."

"...i always said whenever i washed a girl's feet that it would be the girl i was gonna marry." he unfolded the towel and the ring was inside. since he was already on a knee he asked me to marry him & i, of course, said YES (actually i believe i was so excited it was more like "uh huh!" lol).

like i said, best decision we ever made :)


Nancy said...

What a precious story & I'm thankful you have such a Godly man in your life! You guys are so cute together & have the cutest boys!

Anonymous said...

I totally started to tear up! What a sweet story!

Cyndi said...

What a better way to begin the rest of your life? Aww! I am so glad that you and Dathan are so happy. I know that God has much more in store for you!

hanneyjo said...

what a sweet story! you two look so young in that picture.

Ashley said...

What a sweet story!! So glad you shared. Loved reading it.

Newlywed Next Door said...

Cute story! And that picture is adorable too!

My husbands parents did a foot washing at their wedding that they always tell us about as a fond memory - I think that's pretty sweet you guys did that for your engagement!

alang said...

WOW you have one great guy!!

Amy Ekis said...

aw so sweet. my husband and i washed each others feet as a part of our wedding ceremony.