Sunday, November 8, 2009

fall festival

a few weekends back our church had a fall festival at our good friends jamie & heather's house. we had such a great time! it was an old fashioned carnival theme with lots of kids, games, candy,and fun!

pastor jamie & heather with all of their kingdom station kids! such a great group of future prophets & evangelists, men & women of God- kids who even now have miracles, signs, & wonders follow them wherever they go!

remember that post i wrote about how to make slime? well, this is what we used it for!

the annual slime slide! so fun! sean didn't want to go on it, but you know who did? pastor marsha- that's right, our pastor's wife!!!! how cool is she? how many of your pastor's wives from your church would go down a slime slide??? :)

we ended the night with a hay ride around the neighborhood, which was SO much fun! what a great day!!

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