Thursday, November 5, 2009

we will we will rock you!

we spent our halloween night at a local church's harvest festival. my husband and i are big supporters of any sort of harvest party/fall festival/church carnival, etc. halloween is such a controversial time of year in the "church" world. as a church we should not dig our heads in the sand and hide, because it doesn't help anything, so why not let your light shine to your community by offering a safe and fun place for families to take their kids?

about a week before halloween i asked sean if he wanted to be a cowboy or a rock star. basically because those were both things we already had on hand for both boys and wouldn't have to go buy anything ;) of course, sean chose a rock star!

when we got to the party sean was in quite the mood. he had fallen asleep on the way and was super grumpy when we woke him up. regardless, this picture cracks me up!

through the threats of going home & the reminder that there was candy inside, sean was able to pull it together. when we were getting ready he informed us that he did not want a blue mohawk. he said "i want my gray hair mommy. it looks good like this." (apparently he thinks his hair is gray already) so, dathan and i put the blue hair dye on the kid who couldn't argue against it! ha!

we had a little guitar from build a bear that we let nolan carry around. he loved chewing on it the whole night!

family photo op!

sean's little friend obi was there with his family, and those two had a blast in the ball pit. obi's face cracks me up in this picture!

this bounce house had a divider with large holes in it. one kid would stand on each side of the divider and attempt to throw those balls through the hole and get the other person. of course my child would enjoy this one the most!

he loved going down the big slide with daddy!

nolan just hung out in the snugli, chewing on his guitar and making everyone "ooh" and "ahh" over how cute he was!

so glad we ended the night on such a better note than how we began it!

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Nancy said...

Oh they are sooo cute!
They do look like little rock stars. :)