Tuesday, October 13, 2009

slime time

since it's the time of year for harvest parties and fall celebrations (and because i had to make some of this) i thought i would share an easy way to make home made slime! how fun (no really, it was)!

first, you start with a cup of this

then you add 3/4 cup of this (if you can't tell, it's water. granted it's dingy water, but i blame the cornstarch that was already in my measuring cup)

add in several drops of food coloring then mix with your hands. if the slime is not the desired consistency you want, just add more cornstarch (if too watery) or more water (if too dry) until it gets there

store in ziplock bags and use instead of water on your slip and slide (what? everyone doesn't do that? well i guess i'll have to share more on that later)

oh yeah. one more thing. it has the possibility to be very... VERY... V E R Y messy.

you should see me when i paint.

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