Sunday, October 11, 2009

the world is watching

ok, maybe the world isn't watching you, but what if it was?
this video made me think about that. have you seen it?

as silly as it sounds, this clip hit me deep to my core. i mean, really deep. it made me question my parenting, my reactions, and started a great, deep conversation between my husband and i. the question i asked myself: what would my reaction have been if sean had thrown that ball?

i was quite embarrassed with the reality of my answer. i'm pretty sure i would have said, in an irritated tone, "SEAN! why did you do that?" while giving him one of those mommy looks. i'm pretty sure my first reaction would not be to laugh and hug him. and after my hypothetical first reaction was over, i would have been mortified to see that it was caught on camera, and millions of people saw it.

now, i know i'm not the only parent who would react like that. but i don't want to be that parent, and this video made me realize that. so often i worry and make a big deal about things that really aren't a big deal. i'm sure i get onto sean all too often about things that, in the whole scheme of life, lack importance.

daily i pray for wisdom in raising my children. daily dathan and i seek the Lord in how to discipline, how to teach life lessons, and how to love. parenting is hard work, and takes lots of thought and prayer. i want the Holy Spirit's response to be my first reaction to things my children do, not my flesh.

so today, i will consciously make a choice to love my children like this dad loves his daughter. i will not walk in my flesh, but i will walk in the Spirit and react in the Spirit. and when today is over, i will get up tomorrow and make this choice all over again... whether the world is watching or not.

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Nancy said...

Wow!! What a unselfish Dad...this was a great post. Not sure how I would have reacted, but it does make me stop & think & remember...our babies are given by God, we have to make every moment special.