Friday, October 9, 2009

a lot for a little

there are many things this california girl loves about the south. one of them is the biannual consignment sales that they have. we have several around here, and i am hooked! in the spring & fall you can get together all of the clothes your children have outgrown, as well as baby/children furniture, toys, books, movies, bedding, strollers, etc. you tag your stuff to sell & get a percentage of what it sells for. the shops are usually open for a couple weeks, and they are huge hits! i love it because they only allow items that are in good condition and most of the clothing is name brand. since sean is getting older i often have trouble finding him some good quality clothing, but not this year.

between my mom and i we spent around $130. for that price we were able to get almost entire winter wardrobes for both boys, among other things. check it out:

for sean (all size 3t)

*mickey mouse pj's- 1 bottom & 2 tops
*carter's rocketship pj's
*2 sets spiderman pj's
*university of alabama top & pants
*university of alabama long sleeve t-shirt
*striped hoodie
*marvel superhero hoodie
*dinosaur hoodie
*disney cars hoodie
*disney cars long sleeve t-shirt
*spiderman long sleeve t-shirt
*dinosaur long sleeve t-shirt
*striped long sleeve dress up top
*2 plaid long sleeve dress up tops
*arizona brown adjustable waist cargo pants
*gap kids adjustable waist jeans
*levi's adjustable waist jeans

for nolan (all size 6-9 month)

*university of alabama outfit
*university of alabama windbreaker jacket
*jean jacket
*old navy plaid wool winter coat, practically new
*tan thermal long sleeve onesie
*blue football long sleeve onesie
*gray "dude" baseball style long sleeve top
*children's place striped sweater
*carter's 3 piece green fleece outfit
*carter's fleece pj's
*green baby gap hoodie
*navy blue "little dude" hoodie
*jean overalls
*cherokee blue jeans
*arizona khacki pants
*old navy blue pants
not pictured because i went back after i took the pictures ;)
*"daddy's helper" sleeper
*old navy "handsome like daddy" two piece pj's
*carter's dinosaur two piece pj's

also not pictured we got about 15 books for sean (all hardback children's books)
in addition i got my niece kaelyn 3 full outfits

i'd have to say we scored big time for the amount of money we spent! we got all these clothes between two of my favorite sales, dittos for kiddos and reruns for wee ones

i made around $200 at both sales, which is great!

yes, i sell in both consignment sales. i price everything & put it in the first sale. then, what does not sell, i lower the price or mark it for the half off sale and put it in the second sale. it works great!

if you haven't seen sean's 3 year photo shoot, head over to my photography site and check it out!

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Jenna said...

So my favorites for Sean are the button up shirts- for some reason they make me think of him dressing to be like Dathan. No idea why! :) Then my Nolan favorites are the "Dude" onesie and the black and gray jacket- SO CUTE!!!!

Congrats on the great deals!