Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sometimes i rock as a wife

so my husband celebrated his 30th birthday, and i had to do something big.
i mean, i couldn't just get him another alabama hoodie or a home depot gift card.
a surprise party wouldn't do, neither would dinner with friends.
a lot of plans fell through, but then the perfect plan worked without a hitch!
can you guess what dathan did?

if you guessed "be a guest dj for our local christian radio station's morning show" then you are right! ;)

i schemed with many people, including mark & michelle (the owners of the fix 91.3), my mother in law (who babysat the boys), and dathan's boss (since it was during work hours). on the friday before dathan's bday, i woke him up very early and said "it's time to get ready for your birthday surprise!" he was so confused and said "is this a joke?" i answered "would i be up already with makeup on if it was?" (hint: i am NOT a morning person!)

we got in the car & i drove him to the station (he thought we were going out for breakfast). then mark & michelle let him dj with them for two hours of their weekday morning show. it was SO much fun! we had a blast!

being on the radio as a dj was one of the things on dathan's life "to do" list and i thought that there could be no better present than to give him the opportunity to cross something off that list. he was shocked, excited, and floored (all in the best ways). he said no present could compare to that one.

thank you mark & michelle for allowing me to give dathan this precious gift.

like i said, sometimes i rock as a wife ;)


Shillawna said...

What a great idea! You do rock!

Jenna said...

That is absolutely amazing!!! Dathan is so blessed to have you and I'm sure he would agree!!!

Nancy said...

Pat yourself on the back...that was a great surprise! Great pictures, too!!

Cyndi said...

Erica, You are the BEST! i know that was so much fun for you and Dathan. I just wish I could have heard him!

Elaine said...

It's nice when we have those moments of brilliance that make you just feel proud to be a smart gift-giver, huh?
Of course, it sets quite a precedence for the next birthday...

Anonymous said...

That is SO awesome! You do rock as a wife!

PamperingBeki said...

You are so cute! And yes, you ROCK!!