Wednesday, November 23, 2011

pax's first 2 days

The first few hours of Pax's life are a blur to me.  I honestly think my body was in a bit of shock because of how fast he came.  I do remember waiting forever for my parents to get there with Sean & Nolan (it especially felt like forever because we were waiting to announce the name until they got there).  Here's Memaw holding Pax for the first time.

Uncle Kellen, not only holding Pax for the first time, but holding a newborn for the first time. :)

Hanging out with Uncle Timmy (aka Uncle B) watching Little Einsteins on Disney. Nolan looks so serious in every picture! Ha!

What did we do before technology??  I can almost guarantee all 3 of them (Dathan, Timmy, & my dad) are posting something on FB haha

Finally in our room!  We tried to get rest but instead got lots of visitors, which of course we loved!  Some of the visitors included: Memaw, Papa, Uncle B, Uncle Kellen, Uncle Swanny, DJ, Mercy, Jen, Amanda, Mike, Jessie (who also came & got our keys and then went to our house & cleaned up for us so we could come home to a clean house! She's the BEST!) John, Veronica, Crystal, Kym, Duane, Heather, Lorena.... I'm sure there were more but I can't remember. And I don't have pictures of all of them, I'm more writing this for my own memory ;)

For several hours the day after Pax was born we didn't get any visitors.  Dathan, Pax, & I were all able to nap, and then I took advantage of the beautiful natural light coming in the window and took some pictures (sorry, but you can't shut off a photographer's mind, even 24 hours after she's had a baby!)

And I set the camera up so Dathan could snap a couple of me & Pax. I just love these pics (and it's rare that I ever love a picture of myself... especially after having a baby! LOL)

Getting ready to leave the hospital, only about 36 hours after Pax was born.  He was not happy to be unswaddled & have us change his clothes.  You may recognize his special coming home onesie from this post here ;)

Ready to leave!  I know I'm blurry, that's what happens when you have a fancy camera but you are the only one who knows how to use it. LOL.  That's ok.  Here we are about to leave the hospital!  I love it that when the boys came during the sibling visiting hours they always made them name tags that said "Big Brother" on them.  Too sweet!
I just cannot believe how much he has changed already!!

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