Monday, November 21, 2011

the big brothers meet pax

Ok everyone, I'm going to need you to put your imagination hats on.  And then I need you to pretend with me that Pax will NOT be 2 months old tomorrow and that he is only, say, 1 week old.
You got that? Ok, now read on.  Thanks.

I was so excited for Sean & Nolan to meet their new brother.  It was fun to be pregnant this time because Sean was old enough to comprehend more of what was going on, and he was so excited about it.  Everyone is so concerned about Nolan being the middle boy.  We keep telling him he has a special job of being both a big brother & a little brother... nobody else in our family has that job ;)

The boys had stayed the night at my parents' house the night before Paxton was born.  I was on the waiting list to get called in for an induction when they had an opening, so we brought them over just in case I got a call in the middle of the night (I just had a feeling that we would need them to be over there that night).  Paxton came SO fast that my mom was still feeding the boys breakfast when he was born.  So we had to wait a bit for them to get the boys dressed & get them to the hospital.  We had kept Pax's name a secret and didn't want to share it until we told our families first, so we could not wait for everyone to get there!
It was fun to see how each boy responded (side note: all of these pictures are taken by somebody else with my camera, because I was limited to laying in the hospital bed).  Sean was just enthralled.  He had brought one of his little Lego toys to share with his new baby brother (you can see him giving it to Pax in the picture below).  Nolan, on the other hand, was not sure of what the heck was going on (which you can also see in the picture below).
It wasn't even 5 minutes that they were there before Sean asked to hold Pax.  It's still one of his favorite things to do.  And it only took Nolan 3 days before he asked to hold Pax (ha!), and he has only held him 1 other time. But he tries to cuddle with him all the time while he's on the swing.
This picture cracks me up! Sean: "I'm saying cheese & smiling but I'm not taking my eyes off the tv!" Nolan: "Don't take my picture! I don't even know why the heck I'm here or what in the world is going on!"
He was this serious all day long. And wanted to sit right next to me for a long time. He needed his momma to comfort him during all this confusion ;)
We got the boys "new big brother" presents to give to them at the hospital after Pax was born.  Sean loved his new Star Wars figurines & Transformer.
And nolan LOOOOOOOVED his trains.  Of course. :)

My mom surprised Dathan & I with the shirts the boys wore to meet Pax in (they said "Most awesome big brother") :) Sean was also dressed in Nolan's shorts.  I was trying to figure out for 5 minutes why Sean's shorts looked so weird on him.  May be because they were size 24months... and he wears a 5! haha!

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Erica~ congrats on your beautiful #3! Happy Thanksgiving to you!