Sunday, August 7, 2011


We have a fun local mini-golf place called Mulligans.  Well, when I was growing up it was called Funland but somewhere along the way they changed the name (I think I like Mulligans better!).  The last time we were there Sean was about 3 or 4 weeks old, so it's been awhile! Ha! Our friends were giving their daughter a birthday party there so we got to join in on the fun.  It was a beautiful night with fun friends & happy kids!

Here they are getting ready to play!  The pretty girl with long hair next to Sean is Alyssa, the birthday girl.
5blog 01
It was nearly impossible trying to get a picture of all the kids together. Sean & Alyssa had fun in front of the camera though ;)
5blog 02
Sean LOVED playing.
5blog 03
So did Nolan, but he found an easier way to get the ball in the hole- just put it there! Ha!
5blog 04
This picture cracks me up!
5blog 05
He is such a good sport, he poses for me in all the fun places I find.  He may make silly faces 98% of the time, but at least he lets me take his picture!
5blog 06
Some of the pretty girls we played golf with- Alyssa, Alexis, & Presley.
5blog 07
This is my favorite picture of the night.  All the kids were too short to ride the go karts by themselves, and only Sean & Malachi were tall enough to ride with an adult.  But they all wanted to and would just watch through the fence.  It was adorable!
Presley, Nolan, Lexi, Sean, Seth, & Malachi
5blog 08

Presley & Malachi are the children of our friends who just recently lost their 4 day old son.  If you think of them, please still keep them in your prayers.  The healing process is a hard one, but they are blessed with a hope that comes from the Lord, a strong family, wonderful friends, and an amazing church to help them along the way.  You can actually read more about their journey here: John's blog and Bre's blog.  If you do not get inspired by them (and cry reading them!) I would be surprised!!

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