Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HOT day

Another thing we marked off of our family fun list was going to Apollo Park.  We picked pretty much one of the hottest days of the year to go, but we still had a good time.  Apollo park is really big, with a walking trail, man-made lake, bridges, and several playgrounds.  It's a fun change of scenery from the desert we live in (although you can still see the desert when you look outside the park. ha!)
8blog 01
When you go over the bridge & look into the water you could see hundreds of little fish.  The boys thought that was pretty cool, of course!
8blog 02
Because it was so hot that day (and you are not allowed, nor would you want to, swim in the lake), we let the boys run & splash in puddles to their hearts' content.  It reminded me a lot of when we went here last fall (which I guess I didn't blog about, but it was unseasonably warm & we ended up letting the boys splash in puddles then too!).
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We played on the playground for a little bit, but there was NO shade and it was over 100 degrees.  This little contraption was hilarious.  It would spin around, so Dathan thought he'd try his hand at walking on it... which resulted in him falling off every time.
8blog 05
After playing on the play ground we helped the boys cool off a little...... (if you look in the background you can see what I meant about still seeing the desert when you look out of the park)
8blog 06
There are LOTS of ducks and LOTS of geese at this park.  We forgot to bring bread but this really sweet young couple (with a baby) came up to us & said they had extra bread & asked if we wanted any.  So nice!  The boys were thrilled to feed the birds.  Nolan loved feeding them, but he loved chasing them more...
8blog 07
Although we had the best time, we (honestly) probably won't go back until this fall after the baby is born.  It was just too hot, and there's not a lot of shade or places to cool off.  So for our future park days, we'll stick to smaller ones in town that have shade. Ha!

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