Wednesday, August 10, 2011

phone pics!

My phone doesn't take that great of pictures. They're pretty bad.  But I rely on my phone to capture moments that I can't always capture on my nice camera (I don't carry it around everywhere with me. Just practically everywhere. Ha!)  Here are a few of those moments:

I always feel safe because I am protected by a couple of super heroes!!!

Nolan actually wore a hat this day. He never wears hats. But for some reason he likes this Dodgers one, and it's the only one he wears.  We were at Sam's Club and they were so cute sitting in the cart together. When I make my trips to Sam's Club we usually plan it around lunch time. I get hot dogs & a pretzel & an Icee for the boys (feeding all 3 of us for under $5 is convenient but not healthy! ha!) and then they eat while I shop.  It usually works ;)

I was having a REALLY bad day. One of those days where I wanted to quit my job as a stay at home mom.  The boys were fighting & crying & whining & super needy ALL day.  I had errands to run & there was NO way I was going to try to go in public with them, plus the AC in my car is broken so it's not like it would be refreshing to drive anywhere since we all are sweaty by the time we get there. And it was wearing this tired, pregnant momma down.  So Dathan came home from work early (self-employment PLUS!) and said "you leave. for as long as you need. I'll take it from here." :)  He had also gone and borrowed my mom's car so when I did leave I could be in a car that had a working AC. So I went to my favorite cafe and ordered my favorite salad off their menu (chicken caesar... but with ranch since I can't have caesar while pregnant), a pepsi with the good crushed "Sonic" ice, and their amazing toast.  Then I sat... by myself... and worked on pictures.  It was amazing!!!!

This picture was taken at 11:00am.  He was STILL asleep from going to bed the night before!

I sat and colored with the boys.  They said I did it wrong because giraffes are not those colors ;)

I was about to shower & had asked Sean to bring my makeup bag in for me and leave it on the counter for when I got out.  When I was done & opened the shower curtain, this is what I found.  Plus side... I didn't have to dig through the bag to find what I needed!

On Satuday we got up early and went to a bunch of yard sales, looking for bookshelves.  We didn't find any, but did find some great classic children's books for the boys (ironic, right?).  After being out for hours we had a nice lunch at our favorite diner.  This is what a typical trip out to eat looks like for our family...
Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back to my nicer pictures, but these were just too fun not to share ;)

Dathan has been working at a family friend's house building a new patio cover for them.  He is in the direct sunlight all day, and doing physical labor, so it has been hot.  Our friends have a pool and are so great because they let us swim whenever we want.  So we go at least 2 times a week and bring Dathan lunch, all eat with him, and then take a quick swim in the pool before Dathan has to get back to work.  That is what we did today and it was SO much fun.  I love that all 4 of us love to swim, and swimming is such a great relief to being in your 3rd trimester in the summer!


Nancy said...

Love the fact that you had the yummy lunch & quiet time. That sounds HEAVENLY!!
I bet it felt so good to swim today!

Christine said...

Hi, so I saw you were looking for bookcases and my family has a friend that is moving and having a garage sale this saturday from 7 am - 4pm and he has bookcases listed on the list of things to go...... so here is the address and he has them listed at $20 each (I think)

1120 West Ave. J12, Lancaster, CA 93534

Hope you find something that works =)