Tuesday, July 26, 2011

welcome back 10 on tuesday!

1.) We got a fun package in the mail from some friends of ours in Illinois, full of Batman gear for the boys!  It was such a fun surprise!  Sean LOVED the mask and wore it for several days straight.  One day we met "Uncle Kellen" at Olive Garden for lunch & Sean insisted on wearing the mask (and the cape he already owned) to lunch (and Dathan insisted on photobombing the picture. ha!)
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2.) We love taking evening walks as a family around our townhouse complex.  The boys love it too and ask for it, which is great.  Sean loves to ride his bike & Nolan gets pushed in his car.
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3.) The youth group had two missions teams this summer- one went to Atlanta and one went to Vegas.  They had been having car washes to raise money and we would come by to support them when we could.  And this day we put our boys to work... except we didn't tell them to do anything, they just picked up the sponges and started working!
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4.) One morning when I went on a walk with the boys the sprinklers turned on.  So I, of course, let them run in them!
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5.) I took this picture and Dathan said "no wonder there are feet marks on the wall!" Hahaha
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6.) Our youth have a program during the summer called MIT (ministers in training) which is basically a summer internship for high school students.  I think it's awesome that so many teens willingly give up 4 days a week during their summer to get up early, pray, and study the Bible & different ministries.  Dathan and I were asked to come speak to the MIT students about being a man of God/woman of God.  They separated the guys & girls and we had an hour & 45 minutes to speak.  I LOVED every minute of it.  These are the amazing young ladies I spoke to!
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7.) Summer haircut time for Nolan (Sean like his long hair so he didn't get a summer haircut. Ha!)
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8.) Sean graduated from the preschool Wednesday night program at church.  Next year he gets to move up to an all boys class, and he is SO excited!  We are proud of him for earning every badge this year in his class!
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9.) I am so thankful that Dathan has a job with some freedom in it, that we can go visit him or he could even take the boys to come "help" him.  I love that this is normal for Sean & Nolan.
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10.) I don't know if I have ever introduced you to some other members of our family.  I know I have talked about Uncle Kellen (first picture in this post), who probably over 10 years ago just started calling my parents mom & dad, and has transitioned into a member of the family.  Well, my friend Lisa has also wanted to be a part of our family, so this year at camp my dad officially invited her to be in the family too.  So funny!  We are just missing my brother Brian, his wife Candace, and of course all the kids in this pic, but Royal Family Kids camp is definitely a family affair!
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