Sunday, July 24, 2011

party cabin!!!

Being on the core staff for Royal Family Kids camp is so much fun!  I started out at camp as a teen helper, then was a counselor, then a helper (when I was pregnant with Sean & when Sean was less than a year old & I'd have to go home to be with him every night) and now this was my first year on core staff.  I love it!  I love meeting every week and planning camp, helping raise the funds, getting staff, etc.  My friends Amanda & Regina, along with myself are... well... the youngest members of core staff.  So we have fun and get teased a lot about being so young.  The 3 of us roomed together at camp along with our other (young) friend Lisa who is the camp therapist (we are so proud of our college graduate friend!).  So... we called ourselves the party cabin.  This was our door (yes baby boy Stephens even had his own name paper):
9blog 01
We tried to have fun all week with everyone, cheering and encouraging people to have fun.  So all day Thursday we were thinking of something funny we could do to the other core staff members that night.  Just a fun, harmless prank, of course.  So we took out everyone's name labels for their doors & colored them, then wrote "you've been partied" and switched them around to the wrong rooms.  See... that's harmless right?  And then we took some streamers and put a big X in front of everyone's doors.  That's harmless too... but it was fun!
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When we went to bed we locked our door, because we knew someone would get us back... and lets be honest, we would have been disappointed if they didn't!  When we woke up in the morning & opened our door, this is what we found:
9blog 05
Hahahaha so funny!  The paper on the chairs says "You've been old folked" HAHAHA we were laughing so hard!

Here is the party cabin.  I think it is SO neat to be able to do ministry with your friends, and serve God together doing something you all have a heart for.
Lisa, me, Regina, & Amanda
9blog 06
Oh on Friday at camp everyone (adults & kids) get autograph shirts to sign, and we decided to pick ours up early and decorate them ;)
9blog 07
Our party cabin won't look the same next year because Amanda is moving to Kansas in a couple weeks!  Boo!  We will miss her!

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Nancy said...

Sounds like so much fun. Love your little birdie on the back of your shirt!