Friday, July 15, 2011

Royal Family Kids camp- Tuesday

Tuesdays at camp are a pretty "normal" day, if there is such a thing.  The kids get up, go to exercise time, and then breakfast.  After breakfast we have morning chapel.  For I don't know how many years the amazing, anointed, and talented Susie Starr comes up as our speaker.  She is seriously the best... entertaining for the kids AND adults as well as bringing the Word and Truth to them!
Some of the staff joining in dance time... I guess my dad is "overseeing" over on the right there? haha
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Also during morning chapel we have the teenagers do a drama.  The drama is a 5-part story where the kids get a piece of it every day in the week and then it concludes on Friday.  It's usually very entertaining :)  Back in the day when I was a teen I was part of the drama team for camp.  Ahhh... the memories!
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After chapel the kids did the treasure hunts that Dathan & I mapped out for them on Sunday.  Mon-Thurs are the same from this point on until dinner: lunch.  Then 30/30 time (which is a mandated rest time by law).  After 30/30 time they do free play activities outside (bounce house, inflatable huge water slide, kites, baseball, hula hoops, etc). Then snack. Then they split up by boys and girls and one group goes to the pool while the other goes to activity time (woodworking, crafts, dress up- for girls usually, archery, etc), and then they switch.  Back to the rooms to change & clean up and then dinner.  After dinner we head back up to evening chapel.

After chapel on Tuesday is a fun time- it's movie night!  Most kids even wore their jammies to chapel.  We head down to the "old" chapel (smaller & more rustic then where we have our chapel services) for popcorn and Veggie Tales.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it :) 
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One of the cabins had these fun glasses.  Too cute!
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After movie night they go back to their rooms and go to bed :)

During the basic day I would run around as a photographer taking pictures, as well as assisting in wherever I was needed.  I love interacting with the kids and having fun with them!

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