Sunday, July 17, 2011

Royal Family Kids camp- Wednesday

Thank you for your prayers for our friends during this difficult time.  Yesterday was sweet baby Jackson's funeral, which was definitely the saddest thing I've ever been to.  But the service was beautiful and the pastor did such an amazing job.  One major thing that stuck with me that he said was: sometimes we just have to look at God and say "I don't understand... but I trust You anyway."

The Wednesday morning special activity was a dog agility show.  The kids seem to really love it, even though it's HOT outside.  And this year at camp there were these awful biting flies... I have never seen anything like it!  These flies would BITE you and it HURT.  One bit me through my jeans.  It was nuts.
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After the dog show we headed up to the dining hall for lunch.  We are so blessed to have our camp at this beautiful facility.  And an extra bonus is that the food is actually fairly decent there, as opposed to many other camps I've been to ;)
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After lunch & 30/30 time is the outdoor activity time.  The kids love it.  There's a bounce house, inflatable water slide, kites, baseball, bubbles, hula hoops... the works!
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We had the most amazing group of teens at camp this year.  They were so hard working & loving towards the kids, so willing to help in whatever area we needed them to, and just all around good teens.  I was SO proud of them.  Here they are helping fold up the bounce house after activity time.  I'm not sure what exactly happened but I snapped this right after a couple girls fell over & everyone was laughing.
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During pool time (which is always separated guys & girls) it has become a tradition that every year my dad (the one in the middle) does a belly flop for the boys.  This year a couple other men on staff (Devin on the left is the Dean of Men & Vince on the right is one of the grandpas) joined my dad for the fun.  It was awesome!
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We have SO much fun!!!  The rest of the day was pretty normal.  A lot of cabins went on hikes after chapel that evening because the weather was beautiful and there was some extra time.  It always feels like we've been at camp a couple of weeks already by the time Wednesday comes, but then by Thursday we are like "where did the week go?"  Ha!!

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