Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy unbirthday to you!

I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July weekend!  4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and we had the best weekend!  On Saturday we went to a pool party for our Marriage Matters class at church, Sunday we went to the Homeland patriotic musical at our church, and yesterday we went back to the fun parade we went to last year, then headed to my best friend Erin's parent's house (like last year) for their annual party.  Once I get all of my pictures uploaded I will share with you all the details, but until then...

I will share about Sean's un-birthday party.  Since his birthday is in August, he got to have a pretend birthday party in his class the last week of school.  He told me he wanted Star Wars cupcakes and when asked what kind of cake and frosting he wanted, he answered chocolate to both (just like his daddy).  I have been making cupcakes from scratch recently but I just didn't have the energy/desire to make these from scratch so boxed it was!  I did throw in a little extra, and used Pioneer Woman's tactic of throwing Hershey's kisses in the middle of each cupcake.
2blog 01
I couldn't find Star Wars cupcake toppers anywhere, so I improvised.  I found these stickers and cut out each one (so that I didn't pull the sticker off the back).  Then I put a little dab of school glue on the back and stuck a toothpick in it.  When they dried I stuck them in the middle of the decorated cupcakes.  Go me!  Simple & inexpensive ;)  The best part was, the kids were so excited that their cake toppers were stickers and immediately peeled them off & wore them.  That's much better than just tossing it in the trash ;)
2blog 02
On the day of the party I took Nolan and headed to Sean's class, and my parents met us there.  When we got there, they were doing story & song time on the floor and Sean had Nolan come sit with him.  He immediately put his arm around him and sat like this the whole time.  It was the sweetest.
2blog 03
Sean got to pick 5 friends to sit at his table (because he will be 5 on his birthday) and the first "friend" he picked was Nolan.  Ummm... way to melt a mommy's heart buddy! He was so excited to blow out his candle!
2blog 04
And Nolan just couldn't wait to dig into the cupcake (or more so, the icing!)
2blog 05
As we were leaving after the party I noticed a picture on the wall that Sean drew, with a narration written by his teacher.  Oh my goodness it had to be one of the best drawings I have ever seen in my life ;)  We took it home & I want to frame it to hang in their room!
2blog 06
Now Sean can't wait for his "real birthday" because he didn't get any presents at his un-birthday party! Haha!

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Sassy Amie said...

How sweet! Your boys just love eachother so much!