Wednesday, July 6, 2011

our preschool grad!

I cannot believe Sean has graduated from Preschool!  We were so proud of him!  He worked so hard and learned so much during the year.  It's amazing to see how much he's grown that it almost scares me to send him to Kindergarten in September.  Ha!  I said that I feel like a "real" grown-up now that I am going to have a kid in "real" school.  

Sean's Preschool grad was so cute & fun.  They all came into the sanctuary dancing to "I Like to Move It." Sean was rocking out, it was hilarious!
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Then they all led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as the Pledge to the Christian flag.  Growing up in church programs and also teaching Kindergarten for a year at a Christian school, I knew the pledge to the Christian flag.  Dathan, however, did not.  It was so funny!  He was trying to make up his own words...
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Then they sang LOTS and LOTS of fun songs for us.  Sean knew all the words and hand motions, and had such a good time.  You gotta love kids singing on stage!
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When they were calling the kids names for the graduation part, Sean kept leaning forward and waving at us.  See him in the front?  He's so cute!
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Calling his name & accepting his diploma.  Yay!
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While they were recognizing one of Sean's teachers because she is retiring after this year (so sad that Nolan won't have her) Nolan decided he wanted to be on stage.  Such a silly kid.
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They showed a video at the end with interviews with the kids.  Here is when Sean was talking about how he loves to play with his friends at school.
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Miss Amy & Miss Robin- Sean's fabulous teachers!
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After the graduation they had a huge BBQ and water party out in the park for the whole school.  The boys had so much fun!
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Before we left we gave Sean his graduation gift.  I had to document his face while he was getting it because it was something he has been wanting for awhile.  So thankful to have gotten these expressions of him... and he loved his "Light Saver."
3blog 12
Showing Nolan how to use it in the back of Daddy's truck (don't you love Dathan's bumper sticker? Ha! It's SO true!)
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And here is Sean on the first day of Preschool & the last day of Preschool.  So much growing in 9 months!
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Sarah said...

Wow, deva vu. Crazy that we stood on those same steps 20 years ago. Anyway, I'm sure you are used to it by now, but I can't help getting flashback memories every time I look at pictures you post of First Assembly. Hope you guys are doing well and your pregnancy is going easily. Sad we can't be pregnant in the same place together, but excited to be in the journey of having kids and raising kids with you.