Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on tuesday- 4th of july (really late!)

we spent 4th of july at my best friend erin's parent's house (yes, the same erin that moved to alabama recently! ha!). we hung out, swam, & had some awesome smoked bbq ribs. oh yes ;) here is my 10 on tuesday catch up version of the day

1.) me & my bff erin. aren't we cute?? lol

2.) my younger brother timmy & i (and nolan). yes, we are aware we are making the same facial expression. that's how we roll. what i don't know is why i'm putting a picture of me in my bathing suit on my blog for the world to see! haha!

3.) nolan starving for attention. you know. (another bathing suit picture? i must have lost my mind!) that's dathan as well as erin's brother ryan with us.

4.) nolan LOVES the water. his favorite thing is to get dunked under the water... he always comes up with a HUGE smile on his face. he's our little fish.

5.) bailey (erin's niece) very jealous of the smoothie my brother was sharing with nolan

6.) he looks like a california surfer boy here ;)

7.) all of the walton & chisham(stephens) kids. the waltons (erin's fam) and the chishams (my fam) have been friends since 1993 or so. each family has 3 kids (erin & her brother ryan & sister shannon; me & my 2 brothers brian & timmy). our parents are best friends. 3 of us kids are married now (ryan is married to sarah, brian is married to candace, and i'm married to dathan!). 2 of us married kids have 2 kids a piece (ryan & sarah have the 2 girls; me & dathan have the 2 boys). you got that? you can't really see bailey but you can see the green sippy she's drinking LOL

8.) the last time we were all together was christmas of '07. brian & candace were engaged, sean was only 16 months old (the age nolan is in the above photo), and bailey was just 3 months old. so much has changed!

9.) the whole crazy clan. we have so much fun together (can't you tell)? these photos are so fun & special to our families because it is very rare we are ALL together. our families aren't just friends, we are like one big family. i love it!

10.) all the girl "kids." sorry it's blurry (that happens often when i let someone else take a pic for me LOL). i love them all! we're waiting for one more girl to join our group... we don't know who she is yet but when my younger bro timmy gets married our girls group will be complete! ha!

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Cyndi said...

Hey Erica! The boys are getting so big. We need to get together one day whenever you come back home. Yes I met Kelly, but we met in Atlanta in the spring at the Beth Moore event. This time we just met up in her town.