Monday, June 13, 2011

reunited & it feels so good...

Some of you may remember in this post when I talked about our friends who were the youth pastors and due to budget cuts they had to be let go.  They were given an amazing ministry opportunity that they took in Oklahoma City and moved out there in March.  Well Sarah's sister was getting married here in southern California, so just recently they took a trip out here for the wedding.  They were only going to be here a few days & I knew their schedules would be jam packed full (not to mention they were staying about an hour & a half away) so I wasn't going to try to get together with them.  But then Sarah invited myself, Veronica & her kids, and Candice & her kids out to the grandparents' house to swim one of the days, so of course we jumped at the chance (canceling all other plans we had that day of course)!

The boys & I rode down with Veronica & her 3 kids.  We did not tell them where we were going, just that it was a special surprise.  When we got there, we let Sean & Ethan knock on the door, and Sarah had Hunter & Caden inside waiting to open the door.  It was so much fun to let them see their friends again!
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When we got there, Ethan asked the boys where their trampoline was.  He thought we drove to Oklahoma, it was so cute!  They swam for a little bit then came inside for a picnic lunch in the living room.  Hunter & Caden's grandparents were so much fun & so chill & didn't even mind that the kids were making a wreck out of their downstairs area ;)
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The kids swam ALL DAY.  No naps, hardly any breaks, just a whole lot of swimming.  It was a blast!
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Look at all these kids between 4 moms!  Sarah & Veronica each have 3, and Candice & I are both pregnant with our 3rd... so in about 6 more months there will be 2 more kids in this mix!  Hunter & Caden's grandpa is the sweet man sitting in the spa with all those crazy kids :)
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We forgot to take a picture until after we were swimming, but this will do :)  This is Monique (a sweet college girl who came along for the day), Sarah, Candice, Me, & Veronica.  That is Isabella knocked out on the couch behind us.  Ha!
6blog 05
Attempting to get a picture of all the kids together.  We had them sit there since Isabella was asleep on the couch, and she slept through the entire process of all of us taking pictures!  She was tired!  And Hunter is holding Grace's picture because she was already in bed ;)  If you read my Easter post then you read about our new method of taking pictures where we have everyone make all sorts of silly faces.  Well, it worked like a charm with these hilarious kids!
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After a long, fun, full day we all left.  When we got in the car Sean said "Are we driving back to California now?"  Bless his heart, he thought we drove to Oklahoma too.  Makes sense, all they knew was that Hunter & Caden moved to Oklahoma and it was far away.  A couple hour drive IS far away to a 4 year old, and Hunter & Caden were at this strange new house so it had to have been Oklahoma ;)  We knew the kids wouldn't last very long in the car, and we were right.  Here are all 5 kids knocked out!
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I really do have such a blessed life, with so many wonderful friends!  And I'm so thankful that I get to raise my kids with the same friends & roots that I was raised with!

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