Tuesday, June 14, 2011

12 on Tuesday!

Yes I had to do a spin on my normal "10 on Tuesday" because I had more things to share this time :)  They are all super random, but that's just how I do things sometimes!  These are older, but I had written this post and then kept pushing it back because we were in Alabama and I had too much Alabama fun to share, so I'm finally getting to post it ;)  That's why... ahem... #10 is from like 2 months ago! hahaha

1.) Godiva chocolate brownie from the Cheesecake Factory. So yummy it was ridiculous.
8blog 01
2.) Nolan was writing with chalk and wrote a capital N. I thought it was an accident but then he did it again! It still may have been an accident but I was impressed regardless :)
8blog 02
3.) Sean & his superhero madness... love it!
8blog 03
4.) Ok this was too sweet to not take a picture of.  Dathan has this frame w/ 2 pictures of me from when we were engaged by his side of the bed.  Sean was taking a nap in our bed & I went to check on him and found he had moved the frame to the other side of the bed, turned it to be facing him, and fell asleep facing the frame.  Not gonna lie, made my heart melt a little.
8blog 04
5.) Nolan always has to do "homework" when Sean does :)
8blog 05
6.) Sometimes Sean gets tired of me taking his picture. Ha!
8blog 06
7.) Daddy let the boys play in the mud one sunny day....
8blog 07
8.) I shot a wedding a couple weeks ago of a beautiful young lady who I have known since she was a little girl.  At the wedding were so many young girls who were "my" girls back in the day, almost like little sisters to me.  So fun to see them grown up & beautiful & having fun!  Ok, I'm only like 3 years older than them but when you're in high school that's kind of a big deal ;)
8blog 08
9.) My BFF Lyndsey just recently got engaged & I couldn't be more happy for her!  This guy is all she deserves & more :)  I took her out for an engagement celebration where we had the ultimate girl night- shopping at the mall & dinner at a really yummy dinner at a cafe.  It was wonderful!
8blog 09
10.) Do you ever have those days where you feel like all your kids do is cry & whine & fight & whine & cry?  And that all you do is yell at them & get frustrated with them?  I don't either, but if I did, this is what I would do to remedy the problem: lay down blankets & pillows on the floor, pop popcorn, & turn on a movie.  Then have a sleepover on the floor :)
8blog 10
11.) I shot another wedding in Palm Springs, and Dathan came as my assistant/2nd shooter.  We had a blast together & he really was a great 2nd shooter!  We may do this more often!
8blog 11
12.) And because I just realized I never posted the ultrasound picture of our newest little guy, here he is!  This was like a month ago, but still......
8blog 12

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