Saturday, June 11, 2011

body art & big blue eyes

Nolan is our artistic child.  He will sit for a half an hour at a time and draw on a piece of paper, in his own little world, singing to himself.  And he wants to draw, he doesn't want to color.  If you give him a page to color he will turn it over & draw on the blank side.  Now, there are pros & cons to this.  The pros being obvious- he is creative & artistic, can entertain himself, has something he loves to do, etc.  The cons... well... he is so artistic he likes to draw on everything.  Everything.  Sean never cared for coloring so we didn't worry about him coloring on walls or furniture or floors because he didn't want to color anyways.  Nolan, on the other hand, sees the world as his blank canvas, and if we are not careful (and he isn't using Color Wonder markers) then something will be colored on that shouldn't be.

His new favorite?  His body.  I don't know if it's because it has been warm, so he's ran around without a shirt on more often than usual, but he wants to take the lid off the marker & draw all over himself.  For the most part we don't mind.  It washes right off in the shower, so that's not a problem.  He's not ruining furniture or flooring, so that is awesome as well.  And we may or may not help him by drawing on him too! ;) Ha!
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We have learned a few things in our body art adventures.
1.) If you let your child touch it while you are drawing it, it will smear everywhere.
2.) A baby wipe will take it right off.
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3.) If you ask your kid to "praise the Lord" it helps them not touch it while it's drying.
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and 4.) If you spray hair spray on the body art, it not only makes it smear-proof & last longer, but it makes the colors brighter too ;)
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Sean likes to draw on himself too, but not as much as Nolan.  Sean has too much to do to stay on one activity for too long ;)  He would rather be running around outside.  One day he was playing in the water & came up to me and his eyes were just a vibrant blue.  I wanted to get a picture of his eyes, but every time he smiles he adorably scrunches up his whole face & his eyes get really small.  So I was trying to get him to smile without squinting.  I didn't technically get a smile, but these faces he made for me are priceless!
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I love these boys!  They bring SO much joy to my life.  I love that they are so different, and it's so fun to try to imagine what this 3rd little guy will be like!

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