Thursday, June 9, 2011

memorial day weekend {might be the last alabama post!}

Memorial Day weekend was our last little leg of our trip to Alabama.  The Saturday of that weekend was spent with Erin when she came to visit (last post).  On Sunday we slept in & then some of Dathan's family came over & we grilled out.  It was HOT outside.
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These two sweet girls are Dathan's cousin's daughters, Chelsea & Haley
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We had homemade ice cream & fixed a little "ice cream bar" with all sorts of mix-ins & toppings to put onto the ice cream.  The kids loved it.  Well wait, who am I kidding?  I loved it too!
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We spent some time outside.  Nolan LOVES to swing & only wanted me to push him (he is going through a major Momma phase).  I lasted about 10 minutes but when you are sweating in the shade & getting eaten alive by bugs you can only handle so much of the beautiful outdoors... right?
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Dathan's dad bought a new ride on mower that morning and of course Dathan had fun test-driving it with the kids ;)
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On Sunday evening we went over to our friends Jamie & Heather's house.  They are the family that we used to go on our beach trips with every summer.  We had dinner, watched the kids color with chalk, & stayed up late playing gin & talking.  It was a blast!
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We actually had a sleepover at their house, and hung out for a little bit in the morning before we headed back to Dathan's parents' house.  I had to get a picture of Sean & Elana together because they have spent the last 3 Memorial Days together.  Jamie & Heather have had a fun bbq the last two years but weren't able to this year, and then we realized the kids were still together so we had to get a shot!  Here they are the last 3 Memorial Days.
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When we got home we met up with Dathan's family (only after both boys had screaming melt-downs in the car & I almost lost my mind and we all 3 went straight to bed when we first got to the house... Dathan was working) and snapped some pictures of all the kids together.  These 6 kids are all the great-grandkids on Dathan's dad's side of the family, so this picture is very special!
16blog 08
Then everyone left and the boys spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the pool and pretending to be "Mer-Men."  It may or may not have had something to do with their female cousin's obsession with The Little Mermaid. ;)  They were driving the "Mer-Boat" and sleeping on the "Mer-Bed."  It was adorable.
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They also tried the see-saw, but it didn't work too well.  Nolan only liked the middle seat, which really only is best with one ;)
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We had a fun weekend!

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