Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 on tuesday: last alabama version

A few more exciting things we did in Alabama (I feel like I could post dozens of blogs after being there for a month!)

1.) Park day with friends!  Too much fun.  My friend Kristen (who is pregnant with a little boy) and her daughter August were there, as well as Carol and her 3 kids Elijah, Gideon, & Abigail.  Carol's kids are in the bottom of this picture, & I have never seen 3 siblings ever look so much alike! Ha!  Of course we went to Deibert Park & this time we even remembered bread to feed the turtles :)
14blog 01
2.) Dathan worked while we were there, to make it possible to stay for so long.  Here is what he worked on (in progress of course).  He almost doubled this house's square footage by adding this sunroom & deck... beautiful job!  He's so talented!
14blog 02
3.) The boys loved being cowboys like Papa Randall!
14blog 03
4.) My friend Kristen watched the boys for me one day & we had a girls day: Kathy (my mother in law), Stephani (my sis in law) & I went.  Dathan's other sister Staci was supposed to come but she got very sick that morning. We missed her!  Here is the "loot" Kathy & I brought home after our shopping day- most of it is for the boys, of course! LOL
14blog 04
5.) Mimi got a couple new kitties, and the boys were SO excited about it.  Sean named the black one Jessie (which was the name he had picked out for his little sister but since it's not a little sister he said he wanted to use it for the kitty) and then named the lighter one Kelly.  Too cute.
14blog 05
6.) Nothing like orange sherbert on a cone :)
14blog 06
7.) We spent a morning at Monkey'n Around and had a really fun time.  The boys were all over the place & took great naps that afternoon
14blog 07
8.) Dathan and I got up early the last Saturday we were there and went yard saling.  We were afraid Sean would wake up & Mimi & Papa would still be sleeping & he would get scared that we weren't there.  So Dathan made about 6 of these signs and hung them all over the house, hoping Sean would interpret.  He just went ahead and drew Target because he didn't know how to draw yard sale for Sean to understand ;)  The funny thing is, Sean didn't see any of the signs until Mimi pointed them out to him. Ha!
14blog 08
9.) We went through a body art/tattoo phase
14blog 09
10.) This is a house that you pass to get to where Dathan was working.  It is the strangest thing.  They have literally hundreds of chairs sitting in their yard, facing the same direction, just empty and old and weird. Ha!  It must be their version of "art."
14blog 10

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