Sunday, June 5, 2011

auntie erin came to see us!

My best friend Erin still lives in Huntsville, and so she made a day trip up to see us while we were still in Alabama.  We had the best time (as always)!

We went to a local frozen yogurt place called Frostbite and ate some yummy dessert on their big nice deck they have outside.  The boys loved it!
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Erin taught Sean how to use her camera & he took pictures with it the rest of the day!  I think we may have another photographer on our hands ;)  And I think we know what we want to get him for his birthday....
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And since I didn't get in any of the pictures at Frostbite I decided to take one of me & baby.  At 6 months pregnant I can still see my feet!!!
15blog 05
After we left Frostbite we ran by Sonic to get Dathan & his dad (who was helping him work that day) some drinks & bring it to them at the work site.  It was fun to see the progress that Dathan has made, and the owners of the house are just the nicest people and loved having us there.  Dathan took both boys up on the roof, which they loved.
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It was so pretty there we had to take some friend pictures.  I love the one of Sean & Erin, he just loves her & that makes me SO happy :)
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The home owner took Erin, Sean, Nolan, & I on his mule (like a golf cart type vehicle) down to their property on the river.  The sun was setting and it was gorgeous (but very hot and VERY muggy! ha!).
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The boys loved riding on the mule!
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Erin & I always have the  best time together!!!  Which is to be expected after about 18 years of friendship! :)

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Fun! Loved all the pictures!