Thursday, May 5, 2011

Living Proof Live

We made it to Alabama!  The boys were great travelers, we were blessed with a non-stop flight that wasn't full so we took up two full rows and didn't have to share ;)  I will share pictures when I get a chance to get them on the computer.  Here is a picture from my phone of the boys at lax

In April I had the blessing of heading up to Fresno with 3 of my friends and attending Beth Moore's Living Proof Live Conference.  I am SO glad that we were able to go!  The worship was awesome with Travis Cottrell and what Beth had to speak about what exactly what I needed to hear.  It is so refreshing when God works like that! :)
4blog 01
That is a LOT of estrogen in one room!  Ha!  I have never been somewhere where there were so many women!  It was incredible.  Several times during worship Travis would have the band stop playing & just let the room fill with the voices of thousands of women lifting up the name of the Lord together.  It was beautiful!
4blog 02
We didn't get a friend picture until after we left.  On the way home we stopped at a farm stand somewhere in between Bakersfield & Tehachapi.  The place was adorable and we all bought some yummy oranges!  3 out of the 4 of us are pregnant, which was funny.  Candice (in the back with me) is due in October, Heather (front in stripes) is due in June.  We kept teasing Lorena that we hoped she was wanting to be pregnant because it would probably be contagious! Ha!
4blog 03
Yes, we definitely sat in the corn pit & took pictures & played ;)
4blog 04
It was a beautiful day!
4blog 05
The birds & bugs were loving Lorena's car :)
4blog 06

We had such a wonderful time in the Word & hanging out together.  I love that I have such fun friends who love God & serve Him together!

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