Saturday, May 7, 2011

project 365 04.11

So, I know we are one week into May already (is that even possible??) but I was so busy catching up on fun things we did in April that I haven't had a chance to post my Project 365 pictures from April.  This keeps getting more & more fun for me.  Some days it's quite a challenge to think of something creative (or even lame) to take a picture of.  Other days I have too many photos to choose from.  Either way, I feel like my perspective on details & knowledge of photography are growing from this project, which was one of my goals going into it (the other being that I would actually have a picture of every day of an entire year in our family's life to look back on).  So, here they are:
04 blog 01
04 blog 02
04 blog 03
04 blog 04
04 blog 05
04 blog 06
04 blog 07
04 blog 08

I think this project makes my life seem way more exciting than it actually is.  That, or my life actually is exciting and I just never realized it until I started taking pictures every single day of it.  I guess it's really up to me... and you! ;)

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