Sunday, March 6, 2011

nolan's "choo choo" birthday party

We were so excited to throw Nolan a birthday party, especially because his birthday was on a Saturday so his party could be on his actual birthday!  So last Saturday we threw him a Thomas the Train "choo choo" party (that's what he calls trains).  Nolan LOVES trains.  Absolutely is obsessed with them.  So there wasn't really another option to do his party in.  The night before the party I made his cupcakes, and I made them from scratch.  They were So yummy!  I made these cupcakes but instead of using the icing in that recipe I used this icing recipe.  YUM.  The boys loved "helping" me bake.
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I know this photo is hard to see because the sun was blaring in through the window behind the table, but here is the cupcake set up.  We had a Thomas Happy Birthday sign, Thomas rings to top the cupcakes, a newborn picture of Nolan, and a train track with a train "pulling" the #2 cupcake.
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We had a fun little party with pizza, a few friends, and of course the cupcakes. Minor setback- when Dathan went to pick up the pizzas, he paid with his debit card and then the power went out at the pizza place.  They couldn't refund his money because the registers were down, and they couldn't make any pizzas either.  So they had to transfer his order to another branch of the same pizza place about 5 miles away and Dathan had to drive there to pick it up.  Poor guy.  What was supposed to only take about a half an hour took over an hour!  

It ended up that there were ONLY little boys at the party (yes, Sean has his Robin costume on).
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Of course we had presents!  Nolan did SO good opening them and was so sweet & excited about each one.  He's such a great kid :)
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Singing "Happy Birthday" with his very enthusiastic older brother ;)  What was funny was whenever we talked about Nolan's party all he could talk about were the cupcakes, but then after blowing out his candle he wanted nothing to do with the cupcake... he only wanted to play with his new toys!
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SO happy to be playing with his new Thomas set!
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We try to take a family picture on every birthday.  This one cracks me up!
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We had a wonderful party for Nolan & are just so blessed that he is in our lives!  He has such a sweet heart and fun spirit!

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