Friday, March 4, 2011

first ultrasound!!

Ok so I know I said I had pictures from Nolan's party to share, and I do, but I wanted to share this very special picture first :)

It was a couple weeks ago, and you probably noticed a little "sneak peek" of it on my project 365 from February, but on Feb 18 (when I was 10 weeks along) I had my first ultrasound & appointment with my new obgyn.  Sean was born here in California, but I had Kaiser then and do not have it now, so this is a totally new Dr for me.  Nolan was born in Alabama.  I was blessed with the most amazing obgyn, office, & staff in the entire world.  May be one of the things I will miss the most.  But this new Dr seemed pretty great, and his office seems nice, so I think we will be ok ;)

We did not hear the heartbeat at the appointment but we saw the heartbeat, and that is always an amazing moment.  I was only given one print out of the ultrasound, and it is probably the worst ultrasound picture I have ever seen in my entire life, but that is ok.  That is why I labeled it and put a very large arrow, because it is not easy to find little Baby Bean Stephens!  Ha!
erica ultrasound labeled

I am 12 weeks today and just cannot believe it!  I am so honored to be experiencing pregnancy for the 3rd time... it is just as miraculous & wonderful the 3rd time around as it is the 1st!  I have been blessed with having practically no pregnancy symptoms.  There were a couple weeks where I was nauseous to the point where I wasn't hungry, but I never threw up.  And of course some days I am exhausted, but I am also chasing 2 little boys around :)  I know it seems early but there have been a couple times I could have sworn I have felt the baby move... the 3rd time around maybe you just recognize the feeling sooner?  All in all we are so blessed & so excited!
The other night Dathan was praying with the boys before bed.  He said "Thank you God for Mommy & Daddy & Sean & Nolan" and Nolan, out of the blue, said "and baby in tummy!"  Oh my goodness our hearts just melted :)

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