Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 on tuesday!

So as a side note I just have to say that I love doing 10 on Tuesdays, even though I don't do them every week.  It's a fun way for me to blog about random stuff that I want to write about but don't necessarily want to write an entire blog post about!  So fun!

1.) My boys are that... ALL BOYS.  They are so content being outside, digging in the dirt & playing.  And I LOVE that about them.  This day they literally played for hours... quietly... just digging & driving their cars in the dirt!
blog2 10

2.) We are staying at my parents, and Sean's "room" is their loft.  We try to drape a blanket over the railing to give him more privacy.  One day, during nap time, we could not find Sean.  We looked in everyone else's beds and he was not in them, but he wasn't in his own.  Then we looked more closely and found him sound asleep against the railing, in between his bed & the blanket.  It was So funny!
blog2 09

3.) Sean and his 3 best buds: Caden, Ethan, & Hunter... having a fun play day.  This day our 3 families (minus the daddies because they were at work) went to an indoor bounce house place to let the kids jump, and then had pizza at Hunter & Caden's house for dinner (where the daddies joined us after they got off work).  We are trying to let the kids spend as much time with Hunter & Caden as possible, because they will be moving soon.  Their parents were the youth pastors here who were laid off recently :(
blog2 08

4.) This. Is. Awesome. :)
blog2 07

5.) Movie night with the family watching Despicable Me for the umpteenth time.  The boys were warm in their snuggly pj's, had their Pillow Pets, and were ready to go!  So cute.  I love how Nolan is looking at Sean here!
blog2 06

6.) Dathan dressed Sean in his clothes. Ha!
blog2 05

7.) I was very sick with the flu or something for like 4 days- fever, chills, sweats, aches... just basically miserable.  I hardly ever get sick, especially like that, and it was rough.  One night Dathan took the boys & went to get me my favorite ice cream & a card that they all signed for me.  So sweet :)  He knows how to speak my love language!
blog2 04

8.) Sean went through a few days where he wore his sunglasses nonstop... including during nap time!
blog2 03

9.) The boys love to play together.  Look closely... this day they were being Captain Underpants, and had to wear some underwear on the outside of their pj's!
blog2 02

10.) In one of the presents that Nolan got for his birthday, there were some temporary tattoos in the package.  Dathan put them on him & he was SO excited.  He kept showing everyone his tattoos!
blog2 01

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Nancy said...

Precious pictures, Erica!
Glad you are better!