Saturday, March 12, 2011

boys will be boys

My oldest boy and his best friends love to be rock stars...
022811_blog 04

Rock stars wear no shirts and have long hair, so if you don't have long hair you put a shirt on your head (or even if you do have long hair, like Sean, you wear a shirt on your head because it's funny).
022811_blog 03

Rock stars play guitars too, of course!
022811_blog 02

When boys are done being rock stars, they head outside to jump on the trampoline.
Then they dig to China (still with no shirts on).
022811_blog 01

Then they decide to turn the dirt into mud.
Then they throw the mud on each other.
Then they get covered in mud.
Then they have to take a bath.

Boys will be boys!

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Nancy said...

I would love to be @ their first concert :)