Monday, March 14, 2011

exciting news + haircuts!

after 13+ months of having our stuff in storage...
5 months living at Dathan's parents house...
8+ months living at my parent's house...
if you ask me, far too long for a family of 4 (or the parents the family of 4 are living with, I'm sure).
But today, that all changes because...

Like right now.
Probably as you read this.
Imagine me lifting heavy boxes...
Ok, imagine me telling all of our male helpers where to place the heavy boxes.

It has been quite the year.  God promised us a year of change in 2010.  That's what happened.  We moved out of our house, walking in obedience to that change.  Then moved to California, also walking in obedience to that change.  This year, God has promised us that it is our year to plant our roots and grow.  7 days into the year I found out I was pregnant (the "grow" part of our promise) and now we are moving into our own place (the "plant your roots" part of the promise).  I love how God is always so good & faithful to keep His promises!  (as a side note, a few years back Dathan & I started asking God to reveal His promise to our family for the upcoming year.  Every year we have done this He has given us a promise, and every year He has been faithful to fulfill that promise.  He is SO good!)

So anyways, I don't have any pictures (yet!) of the new place (an adorable townhouse!), and obviously of us moving in, so today I am leaving you with pictures of the boys haircuts they got last week :)

The place we take them to gives them the option to put color in their hair after it's cut (just the spray-on washable kind).  Sean was not about it, but Nolan was all for it, and he picked orange.  He is so funny!
030711_blog 03
Silly faces!
030711_blog 02

Sweet brothers!
030711_blog 01

Stay tuned for updates! :)

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Nancy said...

Really excited for you, Erica!
Have fun making it your own & decorating for a new baby!!
Blessings galore! I love it!