Friday, March 25, 2011

and the gender of this baby is.................


haha Sorry to get everyone's hopes up.  But that's what happened to me last week at my 14 week check up (and I almost forgot to blog about it with all this moving craziness!).

It was just a routine prenatal check up.  My Dr. walked in & said "are you wanting to find out the gender of your baby?"  I thought he was asking to take note for my next appointment?  I was confused.  I said "Yes" and he said "Come on, lets go see!"  I said "you can tell this early?" and he answered "I tell people at 13 weeks all the time!"

So in a matter of about 5 seconds (the amount of time it took me to walk out of one room and into another) my thoughts went something like:
Maybe we should just wait.  Dathan isn't here with me.
BUT... it would be a really fun thing to be able to surprise him too!
Oh my goodness... EVERYONE is going to be surprised that I found out so soon!
Wait, can they even REALLY tell this early?
If they say girl, I am not going to believe it until I am farther along.  There are ways that parts can still be hiding this early!
You know what, it doesn't matter because I really don't think they'll be able to tell this time.

Yes, all of that really did go through my head.  And I really did have a feeling that we wouldn't be able to see.  But I didn't care because my first ultrasound was such an awful picture that I was just excited to see the baby again!  So we get in there and, to my surprise just what I expected....

The umbilical cord was in the way.  The entire time.  HA!  So funny!  It made me laugh.  What a little trickster we already have on our hands :)

So April 12th is the day.  I will have time to give this little one a pep-talk about kicking that cord out of the way & behaving for mommy.  Bribery will be involved too (I'll eat ice cream if you cooperate!).

EVERYONE seems to think it's one particular gender.  Sean has his mind made up that it is his sister named Jessie.  Me?  I really have no idea and am trying not to get my hopes up either way.  A healthy baby is a blessing, & there will definitely be fun things about our first girl OR a third boy!

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