Tuesday, February 1, 2011

project 365 01.11

So even though my blogging has been lacking lately, my picture taking has not.  In fact, I decided to give the whole "Project 365" thing a try.  I can get distracted and forget things easily (I like to blame that on having children...) so I have even put a reminder in my phone to go off every day to tell me to take a picture.  It really has been challenging.  Some days I had already had a picture taken by the time the reminder went off.  Some days I had to keep "snoozing" it until I had an idea of what to take a picture of.  But, I have survived the first month of it!  Yay for  me!

What I love about this is it captures a lot of the mundane things about my life, as well as fun & special moments.  What a fun blessing this will be in the future to look back and see what my life looked like on a day to day basis this year.

So, here are my photos from January.  I would love it if you shared your favorite with me.  I will share mine with you, but not until you reach the end of this post... ;)
blog 01
blog 02
blog 03
blog 04
blog 05

blog 06
blog 07
blog 08

My favorites are: 07, 13, 17, 23, 26.  Some are because I just love the picture.  Some are the memories and moments behind those pictures.  And maybe if I get my buns in gear on my blogging, I can catch up with all of you on a lot of these very special memories ;)

Looking forward to what February has in store.......


Nancy said...

They are all wonderful!
My favorite is on the 7th. :)

Kimberly Thomas said...

I think my favorite would have to be comparing 3 and 15 because that's Lancaster to me. Snowing one day, warm enough to wash the car shirtless just a couple weeks later! :)